Federation Professionelle du Drone Luxembourg and UAS Center at SBD Announce Strategic Partnership

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December 15, 2021 – Luxembourg and San Bernardino, California, USA – The Federation Professionelle du Drone Luxembourg (“FPDL”) and the UAS Center at SBD announced today a strategic partnership to leverage their respective strengths in drone technology development, integration, commercialization, and adoption.

FPDL is a nonprofit convening organization for drone companies, service providers, and users in Luxembourg.  FPDL is focused on creating an optimal environment in Luxembourg and strives toward safer and more effective operation of drones throughout a variety of sectors.

“The UAS Center at SBD’s location at San Bernardino International Airport – the fastest growing airport for air cargo in the US – is quite unique. Only a handful of airports in the US have permission from the FAA to fly drones onsite. We are proud to serve as a base of operations in Southern California for members of FPDL, providing them a US site for product demonstrations, test flights, collaborative research opportunities, and other networking options with US drone companies,” says Kimberly Benson, the UAS Center at SBD’s Administrator.

About FPDL (www.fpdl.lu): FPDL is a societal entity formed by uniting drone enthusiasts and professionals. By engaging with industry experts, visionaries and policymakers, it acts as a bridge between the industry and regulators to ensure safe skies, exponential technology adoption, and a sustainable UAV industry in Luxembourg.

About the UAS Center at SBD (www.uascentersbd.com):  Established as an enterprise fund under the Inland Valley Development Agency in San Bernardino, California, the UAS Center at SBD serves as a test and demonstration site for drone technology companies as well as government and academic researchers. The Center provides pilot training for public sector agencies as well as consulting on standardization and integration of drone technology into their operations.  The Center also cooperates with public and private sector entities on workforce development.

Media Contact:
Amber Casarez, Marketing Manager
San Bernardino International Airport
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