Services Offered

Icon Secure Site

Secure Site

for companies to test and improve proprietary UAS technology, as well as a site at which they can exhibit and/or demonstrate their technology.

Icon Tech Assessment

UAS Technology Assessment

The Center saves clients time and money by providing them an objective, standardized and thorough third-party assessment of a specific UAS product. The product will be vetted and tested by seasoned professionals and the process will be customized to meet the client’s specific priorities and objectives.

Icon Secure Storage

Secure onsite drone storage facilities

Icon Drone Training

UAS pilot training

customized to suit the particular public safety agency client. For example, the firefighting-related drone training will focus on scene monitoring, search and rescue, post-fire or disaster assessment and wildland firefighting.

Icon Maintenance

UAS maintenance/repair training

Icon Uas Integration

UAS systems integration training

Specialized training in the following areas:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Advanced Search and Rescue
  • Water Rescue
  • Night Operations
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Accident Investigation and Damage Assessment
  • Fleeing Suspect Pursuit
  • Fire Scene Operations
  • Crowd Management

Wild Fire View

Technology Assessment & Transfer Division

The Technology Assessment and Transfer Division (TATD) provides research-based knowledge through technology transfer partnerships with the private sector, entrepreneurial communities and the region as a whole. The TATD will ensure efficient long-term planning and alignment of economic development goals between the Center, IVDA and the Inland Empire region. The TATD will also analyze economic and UAS technology growth patterns and act as a liaison for public and private sector coordination.

Our Commitment to the Development of Our Region’s Workforce


The need for FAA Part 107-certified drone pilots is substantial. The UAS Center at SBD positively impacts the region’s workforce by providing a pathway for people to become certified drone pilots. Being a certified pilot is a solid marketable skill set that can assist individuals with entry into a variety of industries.  For those less familiar with the terminology, think of FAA Part 107 certification as you would getting a driver’s license. To become an FAA-certified UAS pilot you need to be at least 16 years old, be able to speak, read, write and understand English, prepare for a written exam (which usually involves taking an exam prep course), pass the exam, and pass a background check.   A prep course costs money, as does the exam itself – and for disadvantaged populations, even transportation to the exam site could represent an economic barrier to entry.  The UAS Center at SBD establishes formal strategic partnerships with organizations to remove these barriers and create new employment opportunities region-wide.

The Center also provides UAS-related programs for youth and young professionals to enable them to develop the knowledge and skills needed for careers in the many facets of UAS. Some of these programs are conducted in partnership with other entities to achieve maximum impact and reach. Opportunities are available for individuals and corporations to co-sponsor these programs.

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