Jason Ramos

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Jason currently serves as a first responder with Washington State Search & Rescue. He is the lead drone pilot for Okanogan County, the largest county in Washington. Jason brings decades of experience to the UAS Center at SBD with his extensive background in fire, aviation, and search and rescue. Jason flies drones weekly and regularly consults with drone manufacturers and software providers. His breadth of knowledge spans the broad array of drone technology, including various RC/drone platforms, fixed wing micro to large scale, STOL, powered gliders, 3D, FPV and various types of multirotor drones. Prior to retiring from the US Forest Service, Jason served as a wildland firefighter for over three decades. He began his career at age seventeen in California with the Riverside County Fire Department. He then went on to become an aerial-delivered firefighter in 1993 with a helitack crew, and in 1999 became a smokejumper. As an aerial-delivered firefighter, Jason has fought fires in Alaska, Florida and nearly everywhere in between. Jason proudly serves as a volunteer member of the FAA Safety Team (FAAST). He is author of the book Smokejumper and is a featured speaker on TedTalks. Jason proudly serves as a volunteer member of the FAA Safety Team (FAAST).


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